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With CTS’ and Cunningham’s over 20 years of experience in FinTech and trading, TradeSniper is more than just a Futures trading platform!

Expertise, integrity, trustworthiness, and transparency are the pillars of TradeSniper.

Cunningham Commodities, LLC is a Futures Commission Merchant (“FCM”) registered with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”).

Cunningham Commodities, LLC is also a member of the Chicago Board of Trade since 1982, and a National Futures Association (NFA) member.

Thanks to Cunningham Commodities LLC, TradeSniper traders get to enjoy fast and reliable access to all major exchanges, such as CME Group Exchanges, ICE, MGEX, and EUREX.

But that’s not all! Through its modern and intuitive platform, TradeSniper has made it its mission to make Futures trading accessible to Futures traders — experienced and novices alike – who want to make the most of their capital and participate in highly-liquid markets!

Therefore, as part of its commitment to making Futures trading accessible and intuitive, TradeSniper offers access to a wide variety of helpful technical indicators, graphs, charts, and diagrams that are straightforward and easy to understand.

Further more, to suit and cater to its users’ needs, TradeSniper also offers a variety of payment methods, including ACH and wire transfers that allow for near-instant withdrawal approval for established sources.

More importantly, this intuitive and user-friendly trading platform, available for iOS and Android users, provides access to over 70 financial instruments ranging from Commodities, and Forex, to Cryptocurrencies, interest rates, and more. Accordingly, you’ll be getting access to multiple markets in one place from wherever you are!

To top it all off, TradeSniper’s website also features multiple free-of-charge educational resources on trading, including videos, articles, and courses, enabling you to trade with greater confidence and knowledge!

We thank you for choosing TradeSniper as your Futures trading platform! It is your trust in our platform that keeps us motivated to provide you with the best trading experience possible!

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