Futures 101

Browse our free educational videos and articles to stay in the loop on the Futures market.
Learn the ins and outs of Futures trading, from trading different kinds of Futures to risk management,
margin, portfolio diversification, and more!

Introduction to Futures

What are Futures Contracts?
Do they have specific trading codes?
When do they expire?
Answer your biggest future inquiries with us.

Understanding the Benefits of Futures

Browse our free videos and articles and learn more about the benefits of trading futures, day trading, margins, leverage, liquidity, portfolio diversification and more!

Trading Strategies

Prudent traders always have a back-up plan.
Check out our free videos to learn how to build
your own risk management and trading plan.
Get free trading tips and learn the ins and outs of the trade!

Introduction to Agriculture

 Learn all about the agriculture market, from production to transportation.
Explore more about soybeans, livestock, wheat, and corn
and get behind the history of these agricultural commodities.

Introduction to Bitcoin

Covers the basics of Bitcoin futures, discover what Bitcoin futures are,
explore Bitcoin reference rates, examine micro Bitcoin futures and more!

Introduction to Equity Index Products

Acquire an understanding of the methodology, uses, price, and value of equity index futures. Find answers to your index futures questions,
from what index futures are to rollover and hedging!

Introduction to Base Metals

 Whether you are interested in base metals or precious metals,
our Metal’s guide has the information you need.
Explore supply and demand, risk management,
and hedging metal futures and more.

Interest Rate Futures

What are fed funds and interest rates?
What are STIR futures? What is the Eurodollar?
Answer all these questions and more through this guide.

Introduction to FX

Find out more about the Forex Futures market.
Discover what Forex quotes are, the importance of futures pricing,
how Forex contracts are delivered and settled, how to manage your risk
when trading Forex futures, and how Forex EFP works.

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