Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Deposit Methods

Debit Card

The quickest and easiest way to fund your TradeSniper trading account. There are no fees and funds will be available in up to 48 hours to your TradeSniper trading account (subject to verification of ownership). Your debit card must be connected to a bank account and be debited from a checking account. Maximum daily deposit is $70,000. Minimum deposit is $100.

Wire Transfer

Please contact Customer Support for wire instructions. You can also see our wire instructions on the Funds screen, or go to Menu > Deposit/Withdraw Funds > Wire.

Note: Wire transfer deposits are typically processed within 24 hours upon notification from our bank.

Automated Clearing House

You can set up an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer quickly and easily. There are no fees. Approved Deposits of 1,000 USD or below will be reflected in your TradeSniper account almost instantly. The settlement period for deposit sums exceeding $1,000 can be up to seven business days.

The daily maximum for deposit is $70,000, while the minimum is $100.

Although the funds may be applied to your trading account immediately, the ACH transfer from your bank account could take up to three business days to finish processing.

Please make sure you have the necessary funds in your bank account for at least two to seven business days after you initiate the transaction to prevent a transfer reversal and avoid any fees.

Note: You will be unable to withdraw any funds until the funds deposited have settled. This could take up to seven business days per deposit.


General Information

Withdrawal requests are processed within one business day. We will always send funds to the verified payment methods that appear on your TradeSniper account, with preference to payment methods that have been previously used for deposits. Please ensure you have no open positions or working orders when submitting a withdrawal request.

Debit Card

Please log in to your TradeSniper account and select Withdraw Funds to initiate a debit card withdrawal. You can only withdraw to debit cards which have been used for account top-up. We will always attempt to refund the card that was used first. The maximum amount for withdrawal is $50,000 per day. Once approved and submitted, a debit card payout is deliverable prior to your next monthly charge/billing date. There are no withdrawal fees.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

To initiate an ACH withdrawal, log into your account and select ‘Withdraw Funds’. Your withdrawal request will typically be processed within one business day. After initiating the withdrawal, please allow three to five business days for the withdrawal to be completed . If this is your first time using ACH, some of your personal details may require verification. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50, and there are no associated fees.

Wire Transfer

Please contact customer support to initiate a wire transfer. Wire transfer withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 hours, and carry a fee of $20.